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Growing up in a hostile and abusive home Efe struggled with a lack of confidence and had low self-esteem while battling a life-threatening illness she was constantly reminded that she was worthless, invaluable, and unlovable. Determined to transform her life, Efe left behind the life she knew of pain, abuse, feeling powerless, and embarked on a self-love journey to change the narrative for herself and for other women alike.

At the age of sixteen, stepping out into the world with so much to give, Efe began unraveling her dreams when she began teaching and empowering young girls at her local church and community youth centers. Teaching young girls and youth about confidence, self-love, knowing their worth, and owning their identity became the healing and empowering new path Efe needed to thrive forward and in the process discovered her life's purpose.


Over the years Efe has worked with young girls and women from all races and backgrounds all over the world as a motivation and confidence coach helping women smash and overcome limiting beliefs, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and helping them learn how to adapt to change and thrive through obstacles.

Efe is dedicated and passionate about empowering and getting women to become confident, self-motivated, fearless, and learn how to change their narrative through one-to-one personal coaching, hosting and facilitating workshops, mentorships programs, consulting for small and large organizations, and engaging with women through her speaking engagements as an international speaker. Showing other women that no matter where you come from, whatever you've been through or going through, it is possible to create an unforgettable legacy, thrive confidently, and become your own superhero.

Additionally, Efe holds a degree in Nursing/Midwifery, Biomedical Science, and Health Science from Oxford. An NLP certification in Motivation speaking and as a Confidence Coach.

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