Career Transition Coaching

Simply put, this is all about putting your work dissatisfaction and turning it into career clarity.

Some assumptions...


  • Not sure what you want to do?

  • Unfulfilled in your current role?

  • Looking for a change where you can make a real impact?

  • Tired of settling and ready to go after your dream job?

It is common not to know where to start and feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of changing careers. Climbing the career ladder after college/university and wondering how and where you will fit in. Goodness, you are not alone and your concerns are valid yet, together we will build a roadmap that helps you confidently prepare and secure the dream job you want and deserve.

Ready to get started? Select below the packages that suit your need.

Note: All services are available to individuals already working, new immigrants, fresh out of high school or university, and/or individuals looking to transition or return back to their career. I am here for you.

What's Included

  • A strong focus on clarity

  • Build a roadmap of where you want your career to be

  • Identifying your strengths

  • Identifying what you see as possible for you

  • Reframing your mindset


Fears and limiting beliefs are something that stops us from doing so much in life, including switching careers. Together we will build your mindset, by identifying your limiting beliefs, creating and cultivating new habits that will get you to where you want to be.

​Once we have the above:

  • We will outline the strategy

  • Provide you with a clear path to help you start taking actions

 It may be uncomfortable at times but growing usually is!

  • Refining your resume and cover letter

  • Interview preparation

  • Linkedin services

  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your field

  • Growing and leveraging your networks

  • Online networking

What We'll Address

Why work with a coach?

It is all about working on your mindset, your unconscious mind. The way you think you should be living your life and career. Giving you the freedom to create the life that you desire. Getting you from OK to awesome and living an inspired life. Making your transition to the next step a smooth one. 

To get the support and guidance you deserve and start letting go of all the worries and fears that may have robbed you of your dreams. Learn how to see your fear as a teacher and friend and use it to achieve greatness.

Plus right after the session, you will be able to apply the things you have learned and will start seeing the results.


My experience traveling and living in different countries from a young age and working with people from all seven continents showed me the language barriers that affect so many which causes a decrease in self-confidence especially during a job search. I have also connected and coached so many that struggle with low self-esteem because of their accents and how it makes them stand out and not in a while that makes them feel confident.

This is why I apply all my knowledge from working in different industries, from hospitality management, administration, fashion, medical, and pharmaceutical, non-profit, in Stem and tech.


We can work together in English, French, or Edo - you choose, so I can help you build back your confidence, your career roadmap in the language you feel most comfortable and confident with.


LinkedIn Optimization

1. 5 hours coaching session. Learn practical tips and strategically use your LinkedIn to

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field

  • How to use LinkedIn for job search

  • Leveraging your contacts

  • Build trust and new relationships

  • Have your profile noticeable by recruiters

  • Get visibility using your LinkedIn

  • Using LinkedIn to stand out

  • Grow your network

  • Using the algorithms to your advantage

  • Audit and pr

  • Taught in English or French or Edo

Interview Preparation

1. 5 hours coaching session. Learn practical tips that will help you smash your next job interview 

  • Build your self-confidence and learn how to positively ''sell' yourself 

  • Learn to ask the right questions

  • Ways to show your best skills & strengths

  • Practice with Q&A examples & scenarios

  • Practice salary negotiation

  • Become familiar with different interview structures

  • Assignments to get you prepared

  • Bonus "Thank you" email template to use after each interview

  • Taught in English or French or Edo

Resume & Cover Letter

1. 5 hours coaching session. Learn how to build a resume and cover letter that make you stand out 

  • Position your skills & strengths

  • How to get straight to the point

  • Outline your skill-set to showcase your experience

  • Fine-tune your layout, content, structure, and overall flow

  • Bonus "Resume Template" to build yours

  • Bonus "Cover Letter Template" to create yours

  • Bonus "Resume & CL" comprehensive checklist

  • Taught in English or French or Edo

Elevator Pitch

A one-to-one 1hr per coaching session with you.

If you’re feeling paralyzed just by the idea of “selling yourself” to someone in 30 seconds or less, you’re not alone.


Together we can prepare the basic framework to get you more comfortable and confident with your elevator pitch and speaking about your strengths and skills like a pro.

Location: Zoom and in-person when possible following COVID-19 regulations

What's Included:

  • How to create a powerful elevator pitch

  • How to showcase your strengths, skills, and capture who you are to help you stand out

  • Bonus " Elevator Pitch" Template that you can use adjust for different scenarios.


Available in English, French, and Edo

*Note* Can be added to the "Interview Preparation" Package 

What my client's say

Working with Efe was so smooth and professional. She was the right kind of career coach I needed that was going to be straight with me and tell me what I needed to hear to spruce up my resume after losing my job at the start of the pandemic now I am excited to have a strong resume and looking forward to the job interviews I have coming up. I am happy I got both the resume and interview package. Thank you for building my self-confidence and boosting my motivation back up again.