CMFY Self-Starter Kits

I remember what it was like trying to figure out all the right paths to take when I first started my career way back when.

It was scary and challenging.

This is why I created the Full Career Self-Starter Roadmap Kits with you in mind. It is a series of checklists and guides curated to share the wisdom and lesson learned from my own journey, to help you navigate yours more easily.

I am confident that these checklists and guides will provide you with a sense of clarity for the next step in your career. To get you started, sign up below to download your FREE COPY of the Resume Refresher, the first checklist in the series.

Continue the learning and self-improvements, grab yourself all 5-bundle checklists and guides all for only $20 which includes:

  • Full Comprehensive Resume Refresher and Cover Letter Checklist

  • Career Health Check Guide

  • SMART Dream Guide

  • Positive Talk Affirmations Guide

  • Present and Speak Guide

Eager to take all the ideals your self-starter roadmap kits have inspired within you and turned them into actionable steps? Then be sure to book one of the services that suit your need or contact me here to discuss how we can work together to help you land the dream job you want and deserve.


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Starter Kits


Jammed packed with lifetime helpful resources, start strong with arming yourself with the right knowledge to make your next career experience what you want it to be with these 5 checklists and guide self-starter kits.

Working from Home

Resume Refresher R&R

A little R&R TLC never hurt nobody. With all the amazing things you accomplish in a day, be sure to highlight your new skills in your resume

A Young Woman Writing

Career Health Check

How healthy is your career? Are you still on track with your career goals? Check out our Career Audit checklist/guide

Working Remotely


Using the SMART tool to explore and outline your goals for your dream career. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with discipline, hard work, and a clear direction 

A Woman Writing by the Window

Positive Talk Affirmations

Cultivate new habits with these 30 days positive talk affirmation guide

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Present & Speak
With Confidence

Make your next workplace presentation or next event as a speaker memorable by learning how to speak up & stand out with confidence