My Journey  & My Why

After a near-death experience at birth and again twice between the age of seven and nine years old from an undetected illness that kept me in a hospital bed for almost eight years of my life. Overcoming that childhood trauma and painful experience gave me the confidence and courage to make every day and moment count. Finally, graduating high school at the age of 13 with big dreams for the future.


At age fourteen my family and I moved to Belgium from Nigeria, a huge culture shock. I taught myself how to speak French and Flemish to be able to navigate life in my new home and surroundings. It wasn’t long before I was faced with a new challenge in Belgium, where I experienced racial discrimination, bullying from other kids for not looking like the typical 'Black girl' they saw on TV. I struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety, and lack of confidence. I was criticized for having a different accent and struggled to fit in anywhere.


I was only fifteen years old when my father almost sold me into sex slavery for demanding the right to an education. I was denied access to a better life, care, and educational resources leaving me to fend for myself. I found myself at a crossroads to find my own path one that wasn’t riddled with pain, suffering, and endless confusion.


That is when I knew something had to change.


I was able to escape the small town into a metropolis city where I took all my pain and turned them into my purpose. My career started out cleaning toilets at a local YMCA hotel, to working as an executive assistant, au pair, barista, and supervisor at Starbucks from working in various industries to graduating and working as a Chef in the heart of Brussels. All that opportunity gave me the financial freedom and stability I needed to pursue my education and my God-given dreams of becoming a midwife and Scientist.


I then relocated to Oxford, UK after completing my training in Nursing/midwifery, to embark on a new journey. Graduating with BSc in Biomedical Science and an MSc in Health Sciences. Became certified in Motivational Speaking and Life Coaching.


I realized that I was given a second chance at life, and I was determined to make something unforgettable out of it. I worked my way from the ground up as a nursing assistant, Women Health Events Officer at WHO, in scientific laboratories in Oxford, as a consultant at GSK, Pfizer, and as a Senior Analyst at Accenture.


I have been able to successfully build a career working in Hospitality, Beauty, and Fashion, Nursing, Scientific Laboratories in various Pharmaceutical and Tech industries in the UK, US, Europe, and Canada.

I know-how challenging it can be migrating to a new country and learning to integrate into their culture, how to speak their language, and learning everything from scratch. Plus working your way from the bottom to the top, feeling like an outsider, and wondering if you will ever fit in or find your place in this big world.


I  know how daunting, frustrating, and difficult job hunting can be, how our emotions can affect our actions following job rejections. What it is like settling and working in a job that isn't fulfilling and feeling like you have no choice when you consider the responsibilities on your shoulders and unsure if you will find a job that aligns with your value and give you the opportunity to use your creativity to make an impact.

I too have struggled and know what it feels like to have overwhelming doubt, to be afraid that it limits us from reaching our potential. That is why I am motivated and have been coaching other women through career transitioning, settling into a new career in a new country, building their confidence to change industries and fields to help them land the job they want and deserve.

Drawing from my experiences and lessons learned I have helped women from different industries and career backgrounds to get life-changing results by offering one-to-one personal career coaching, hosting and facilitating workshops, speaking at various universities and organizations.


Additionally, leading mentorship programs, consulting for small and large organizations, and engaging others as an accomplished keynote speaker.


I am dedicated to empowering other women to see their own self-worth, their strength, and their purpose so they become self-aware and know that no matter where they come from and no matter what they've been through, to know that it is possible to make something unforgettable out of their life as well as to find and work in the career of their dreams.

That is why I would be honored to work with you.


Languages available:

  • English 

  • French

  • Edo