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Efe Fruci is a visionary, motivator, community builder, educator and mental health activist. She is a TEDx Speaker, founder of the ‘The Coaching Element’ with 10+ years of experience in coaching and consulting and the founder and executive director of  Odihi Foundation, a women and girls empowerment organization dedicated to providing free access to educational resources, mentorship and boardroom training for BIWOC girls and women nationally and globally.

She is also the author of Faith Over Fear, a practical and motivational self-help book that uses positive psychology to empower others to see their greatness so they can boldly dream bigger for themselves and learn how to navigate sticky moments confidently.

Her ultimate goal is to use her decade-long experience as a serial entrepreneur, coach, scientist, and CEO to assist women with their career and life transitions, build their career roadmap and equip them with tools to stand out and reach their biggest breakthroughs.

With 10+ years of coaching and consulting experience, working with various companies and organizations to strengthen their team and leaders, coaching women from across the world to help them build their confidence and tap into their greatness. Efe has worked across different regions, including the UK, Europe, Africa, the US, and Canada giving her the cross-cultural experience needed to support businesses and charity organizations internationally.

She is also a woman of many talents and is passionate about building intentional communities and creating spaces for others to be seen, valued, and appreciated.

Efe's goal for the future is to improve the way women and girls of colour access education across the world with a focus on her home town Nigeria and the African continent and to improve access to financial and educational resources for women experiencing fertility struggles.

In her spare time, Efe enjoys supporting and volunteering for organizations and businesses focusing on education, girl and women empowerment, community and mental health support and maternal care.


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