Presentation & Speaking Coaching

Company meeting, a pitch, or presentation the anxiety of putting everything together can be a lot. This often builds the closer you get to the time.

Your speaking leaves the audience underwhelmed or even confused by your message and you can't quite put your finger on why. The difference between an adequate communicator and an excellent one is delivering with confidence; clarity remains engaging throughout.

I have been offering this service for over five years, working with people from different industries and backgrounds and my most common finding is that this person is seen as a leader or they are looked at to influence.

Together we will build your confidence, cultivate new ways of mitigating anxiety, nervousness, or silencing your fears so you can present and speak with ease, passion, knowledge, and confidence.

This package is delivered over a 4-weeks period.

*Note* Limited to six participants running every two months. Reserve your seat below  

What's Included

  • Meet at least once a week for an hour and a half to develop your content and fine-tune the delivery

  • Daily communication regarding your presentation, or topics

  • You will send me a recording of your final presentation where I will provide comprehensive feedback

  • You will have the opportunity to present one-on-one with me prior to your final presentation

  • After the presentation, you will be evaluated and provided with constructive feedback received from the audience

  • Additional support available after completion to keep you on track

  • Get your audience to understand your perspectives

  • The flow of your presentation - learning to take your audience on a journey

  • Your call to action

  • Learn your voice - is it inviting, convincing and engaging

  • Your body language and eye contact and more

What We'll Address

Why work with a coach?

Improve Effective Communication. This can help your audience understand your viewpoint clearly and this is the key to any presentation. Whatever challenges you may be facing together we will overcome them and make sure your content and delivery are flawless, effective, memorable, and leaves an impact.

Overcome Fear. Public speaking sparks fear, it is the number one fear amongst many professional adults. I can help provide you with tools to overcome your fear and lessen the anxiety, turning this into fuel for your presentation to ensure you bring the energy and passion at all times. No one wants to listen to a speech that is boring and dull. No one wants to speak and leave feeling confused or unimpressed at themselves either.

Continual Reinforcement. I have your back and I have your best interest at heart. I am here to assist you as you practice to become a confident and amazing speaker.

Increases Your Confidence Level. Speaking and communication is an everyday activity. The most important benefit of having me as a coach is that your self-confidence will improve. As we work with each other to develop your communication skills, you will find that you can become excited about speaking opportunities that come your way and when your audience sees your confidence it will become contagious.

Increase Your Professional Success.  Speaking professionally with confidence gives you the power to open numerous doors. During these sessions, you will overcome fear, increase your confidence, and learn to dive deeper within yourself to deliver your message that can boost your career one speech at a time.


My experience traveling and living in different countries from a young age and working with people from all seven continents showed me the language barriers that affect so many which causes a decrease in self-confidence from being afraid of their accents and seeing it as something unattractive. Instead helping them see how it makes them stand out and in a way that makes them feel confident.

This is why I apply all the knowledge from working and speaking in different settings to help you explore new possibilities and perspectives that you may not otherwise see on your own to help you become the type of speaker you desire.


We can work together in English, French, or Edo - you choose, so I can help you build back your confidence and get you ready for your next speaking opportunity taught in the language you feel most comfortable and confident with.

Presentation & Speakers Coaching 

4-Weeks Package


1. 5 hours per coaching session. Learn practical tips that help you present and speak with confidence

  • Build your confidence

  • Present and speak with ease and confidence

  • Learn how to engage your audience

  • Learn how to use storytelling to deliver your message

  • Learn about body language, tonation, and speaking techniques

  • Know your subject/topic area

  • Stand out at your next team meeting or speaking engagement

  • Bonus "Speaking Checklist" to help you prepare

  • Taught in English or French

What my client's say

Efe reminded me of the power of integrating positivity into my life, understanding my personal motivators, and how I can take control.