Presentating & Speaking Coaching

‘How can I improve my public speaking skills?’

Speaking in meetings, pitches and presentations can be tough for even the most confident people. But for nervous speakers, the anxiety of putting everything together can be overwhelming, and this often gets worse the closer you get to the presentation.  

Thankfully, it’s never too late to work on your verbal communication skills. Does your speaking method leave the audience underwhelmed or confused by your message and you can't quite put your finger on why? My coaching package might be exactly what you need!

I’ve been offering this service for over five years, working with leaders from different industries and backgrounds looking to improve their speaking techniques.

The difference between an adequate communicator and an excellent one is delivering with confidence – clarity remains engaging throughout. Together we will build your confidence, explore new ways of mitigating anxiety and learn how to silence your fears so you can present and speak with ease, passion, and confidence.

This package is delivered over a 4-week period. (Next programs starts in January 2022)

Note: Limited to 6 participants. Apply and reserve your seat below!


Languages Available:

  • English

  • French

4-Weeks Group Coaching


* Note: Payment Installment available

NINETY MINUTE  coaching sessions

LEARN practical tips that help you present and speak with confidence

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Efe reminded me of the power of integrating positivity into my life, understanding my personal motivators, and how I can take control.