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Business Consultant

Helping you and your organization thrive by working together to achieve mutual success. 

  • Project and program management

  • Business Advisor and helping with business portfolio's

  • One-to-one and group coaching and mentorship for creating strategic goals for employees

  • Forming strong Employee Resource Groups for marginalized employees

  • Supporting HR with BIPOC recruitment

  • Supporting HR with facilitating I&D training and workshops on diversity recruitment to increase retention and the advancement of marginalized employees

  • Consulting and leadership coaching and training

  • Entrepreneurship, non-profit and charity startup strategic planning

  • Website review, development and content creation

  • Work with you to develop your confidence in yourself, in public speaking and in delivering an engaging presentation 


Career Preparedness Workshops

Working with universities, small to large organizations, to empower their students and business professionals

  •  Interactive workshops to help create a career roadmap

  • Providing coaching to university students, organizations, and NFP sectors on career preparedness and professional branding

  • Identifying what you are passionate about

  • Career transition or returning back to work after a break

  • Support your school, university or community students to help them prepare for life after graduation

  • Team building activities to create a healthy and inclusive environment

  • Work with you and your community to identify their motivational drivers and find roles that align with their skills and interests

  • Professional branding and LinkedIn Optimization

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Co-creating with you and your organization to carefully plan, and execute your events according to your vision.

  •  Co-create a strategic vision board of your ideas and work with you through every step to execute your event as you envision

  • Decorate your event spaces and work with your team from start to finish

  • Work with you to onboard volunteers or recruit key members needed for your event or occasion 

  • Available for corporate events, gala, festivals, birthday's and bridal showers whatever your goal let's work together to make it happen

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Together we will create a moment to remember leaving your audience wanting more.

  • Book me as a keynote speaker, on your panel or event

  • Connect with your audience and keep them informed, involved and engaged as your event MC

  • Guest speaker or co-host for your podcast


Note* All services are available in English, French, Edo. 


Step 1

Choose the service(s) that best suit you

Step 3

Click the link below to fill out the contact me form to schedule a call

Step 2

Decide when you would like to begin (dates, time, duration etc)

Step 4

Look out for an email confirmation of your book and come prepared and ready to dive right in

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