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Embrace The Future With Efe Fruci - Take Control Of Your Life


Career and Confidence Coach

Efe Fruci is a career coach and confidence coach with over 10 years of experience helping people learn how to build confidence, overcome low self-esteem and achieve their career goals. Whether you’re seeking a new career path, thinking about a career change, or simply not enjoying work anymore, Efe’s career coaching services can get you back on track and help you land your dream job.








Allyship Workshop 2020

Area of Expertise

  • Career & confidence coaching
  • Keynote speaking & corporate training
  • Presenting & public speaking coaching

Services Provided

  • Executive and personal coaching
  • Workshop facilitation and hosting
  • Entrepreneur coaching program
Women Colleagues

What Career Is Right For Me?

Can’t find a job? Come to a standstill in your career? Securing a job can be tough at the best of times, and feeling stuck in your career happens to everyone at some point or another. Don’t despair – speak to a career confidence coach today!

“Struggling instead of thriving is not right and neither is getting your skills and talents overlooked by bots who are reading your resume. This is why I want to support you whether you are part of that 70% looking to transition careers, or the 60% ready to start thriving again in your career, business, or the 75% needing support to help get your resume to pop to land your next job, I am here for you.”

Statistics & Research


Of the workforce is actively looking for a change in career.


Of employees between the ages of 18-25 say they are merely surviving or flat-out struggling right now.


Of resumes never get read by a human!

What my clients say

Efe is phenomenal at creating digestible and impactful motivational tips. Her well organize messaging and her personal vulnerability in her workshops builds a powerful atmosphere for all attendees to relate to. She has a profound story and I would highly recommend her for future thoughtful speaking engagements.


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