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Motivational + Confidence Coach

Efe Fruci is a motivational + confidence coach, author, inspirational speaker, and the founder of Fearless & Empowered.

Growing up Efe struggled with self-confidence and had low self-esteem after been told that she was worthless, invaluable while battling with a life-threatening illness.
Determined to transform her life, Efe left behind the life she knew of pain, abuse, feeling powerless, and embarked on a self-love journey to change the narrative for herself and for other women alike.

At the age of sixteen, stepping out into the world with so much to give, Efe began unraveling her dreams starting with teaching young children at her local church and community centers. Teaching children about confidence and owning their identity became the healing and empowering new path Efe needed to thrive. Over the years Efe has worked with children and women all over the world which lead to the birth of Fearless and Empowered.

Efe's mission is to empower and teach women how to become confident, self-motivated, fearless, and learn how to change the narrative by helping them smash limiting beliefs through personal coaching, workshops, mentorship, consulting, and speaking engagements. Showing other women that no matter where you come from, whatever you've been through or going through, it is possible to create an unforgettable legacy, thrive confidently, and become your own superhero.

Areas of Expertise

Coaching, Speaking, Facilitating + Hosting Workshops, Mentorships, and Entrepreneurial Consultation.

Motivation and confidence comes from within — and I’m here to help you activate it.

Whether you are looking for personal1-ON-1 coaching, a facilitator for your next workshop, perhaps a mentor to help you with accountability, or looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event. Whatever it may be, Efe is here to support you through that journey and help you live life with strength without stress.


Efe is such an encouragement!!! She is always speaking life and hope. She helps you see your worth, value, uniqueness, and beauty. She is such an inspiration, and a real champion of all things sisterhood! Blessing is an understatement! She has a heart for people and wholeness. 

I have so much love and respect for her, and her ministry! Thank you for being you, for pushing me to keep going and to be the best version of myself!


I met Efe at a fashion show. Her stage presence and approachable personality attracted me to her. When I realized Efe has great and valuable experience in the path I'd like to thread, I approached her to mentor me. 

Efe has been a great support system emotionally and educationally. She has taught me the importance of prioritizing my goals and believing in myself. I have learned from Efe that it is okay to fall but come back 7 times stronger. 



Contact Me

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