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The Journey

Efe Fruci is a TEDx speaker, a globally recognized career and confidence coach with 10+ of experience on a mission to use positive psychology to help women build their confidence and learn the steps needed to live their desired life successfully.


Her ultimate goal is to use her decade-long experience as a serial entrepreneur, coach, scientist, CEO, and author to assist women with their career and life transitions, build their career roadmap, and equip them with tools to stand out and reach their biggest breakthroughs. In addition to recently breaking the stigma around fertility in her speech, The Heartbeat of Infertility, on the TEDxTalks stage and being the proud author of Faith Over Fear, she also holds degrees in Biomedical Science and Health Sciences and Nursing/Midwifery from Oxford, which secured her seat at the STEM table and set the bar for other prominent Black women.


From becoming a culinary chef at the age of eighteen in Belgium. She also holds a degree in Biomedical Science and Health Sciences from Oxford and a degree in Nursing/Midwifery and worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the STEM table, a space held by too few Black women.


Her career and confidence coachwork is guided by one simple fact: an empowered woman today is a leader tomorrow. Efe's clients have included people from all walks of life, from students to top executives in Africa, Europe, and North America. Efe equips and empowers her clients with the tools and knowledge to succeed and thrive forward with greatness.


Efe is a visionary, motivator, mental health activist and great communicator. She is passionate about leveraging her multilingual assets to support newcomers to Canada, business owners, and entrepreneurs to connect with others from a similar community helping to bridge the gap often created due to language barriers.


Founder and executive director of Odihi Foundation, The Agape Initiative and On Your Block Multicultural Festival organizer.


She is also a woman of many talents and is passionate about building intentional communities and creating spaces for others to be seen, valued, and appreciated.


Efe enjoys traveling, writing, outdoor activities, and hosting intimate dinners and game nights for friends and family in her spare time.

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If this topic resonates with you, Efe is available for an open dialogue that explores this conversation in more detail and would love your feedback.

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