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Keynote and Workshops

Speaking & Emceeing

Working with you to create a moment to remember leaving your audience wanting more by:


  • Being available as a keynote speaker on your panel or for your event.

  • Connecting with your audience and keep them informed, involved, and engaged as your event emcee.

  • Guest speaking or co-hosting your podcast.

  • Moderating your panel or workshop discussions.


*Note: All services are available in English, French, and Edo. 



Working with you to empower you and your employees.

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Business Consultation

Project and program management. Strategic consulting to Attract & Retain Top and diverse talents.

Leadership coaching, training and staff confidence building. 

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Team Building

Forming strong employee resource groups for marginalized employees and supporting HR with diversity recruitment 

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Event Management

Teaming up with you and your organization to carefully plan and execute your events according to your vision.

Brand and Community

Empower your members to feel confident and invest in their wellness.

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Co-creating a strategic vision board of your ideas and working with you through every step to execute your goals for your band and team as envisioned.

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Connect with your team and community members through interactive workshops and meaningful conversation.

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Involving your community into a bigger goal where all the stories come together to support each other.

Small Business and Entrepreneur

Give you full control of your business with tools that will help you succeed and save smart.



Working with you to onboard interns and volunteers and recruit key members for your business, event or organization.

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Entrepreneurship, non-profit, and charity start-up strategic planning. Including securing sponsorship and partnerships.


Business Advising

Business advisors, content creation, website development workshops and confidence building.

University and College

Equip your students with practical tips and resources for life after graduation.

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Discover your Skills

Working with your students to identify their motivational drivers to secure opportunities that align with their values, skills and interests.

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Career Preparedness

Providing coaching to university students, on career preparedness and professional branding.

Image by Logan Simpson


Interactive workshops that help create career roadmaps and prepare you for life after graduation.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Step 1

Choose the service(s) that best suit you.

Step 3

Click the link below to fill out the contact me form and schedule a call.

Step 2

Decide when you would like to begin (i.e., dates, times, durations, etc.).

Step 4

Look for an email confirmation with the call/Zoom details and arrive on time. Please come prepared and ready to dive right into planning and executing.

Community Gatherings

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